Screen Alignment

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How to make sure your screen protector is best aligned to your phone!

Some day, you may be browsing the web, reading a new blog or article, and all of a sudden, reality smacks you in the face.. You have misaligned your screen protector.

It’s good practice to change your screen protector when needed. Put on a new one on as edges start to chip. Chips usually develop further and make their way into the use-space of your screen. The worst is when these develop into thin, long cracks, because I’ll start to play with them by bending them back and forth. I’ve noticed that doing this is actually like playing with tiny shards of glass, and that more than once, I have cut my thumb while handling my phone. These can even slice into my pants pockets if I’m not careful and make holes in my clothes! So for all these reasons, it’s pretty important to insure your screen protector is unscathed.

Bad Website Formatting:

I’ve formatted this post of my blog to be with 0 margins/padding.

Come to this page anytime you need to align your protector. If you can easily read this page, or any of the links here, you should be able to handle anything the web throws you.


I find that the most critical part of the screen protector application process is getting the edges to align perfectly. With a sloppy job, you will notice that one side cuts off text on one side or while using your phone in portrait mode the tops of notification icons are cut off.

Detecting that you’ve screwed up the alignment of your screen protector is tricky, as most sites have good formatting, keeping some margin space. It’s when you stumble onto the rare outlier. poorly formatted website Coming across an outlier, a site with no margins/padding, so use this page when aligning your protector and you’ll be better off.